Hi, I'm Lauren!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm an author living in the United States with the absolute best husband, a couple kids, and two crazy border collies. If I'm not writing, then I'm probably taking my kids to all of their activities, trying to remember to drink my coffee, or watching anime. Join my newsletter and Facebook group so we can stay in touch!


Ten Things About Lauren: 


1. Rome is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit! I have a BA in Classical Civilizations, and I am fascinated by the Eternal City.

2. Coffee drink of choice: Iced vanilla lattes. I could drink these all day. I'd probably never sleep, but who needs sleep?

3. I would love to visit Egypt one day. 

4. My laptop is covered in stickers of my favorite anime guys and girls. 

5. I have a cat who never leaves the upstairs of my house. We call her "upstairs cat." 

6. I adore live music. There's not much better than dancing with friends to a live band

7. I would get a thousand tattoos if I had the time or money. 

8. I mostly read on my tablet, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of an actual book in your hands.

9. I love the beach! My favorite time of day at the beach is the morning, since I'm usually up with my kids before most people are up yet.

10. I always dreamed of being a professional writer, and I am constantly coming up with stories in my head.